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    The links on this page will take you to several photo galleries both on-site and off-site. The images included are from Javier's performances, outdoor and indoor studio images and a few candids. The galleries, you will note, are listed in reverse order. This is to keep the most recent images at the top of the page.


Javier Alarcon
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Gallery 3 The photos in this gallery were taken by Dave Feiden in July of 2003 when Javier participated in the wedding of Jeannie y Jerry McDonald. Reprints are available directly from the photographer- Dave Feiden and visit his web site at
Gallery 2 Most of these images were taken during the Trade Days Festival 2002 showing Javier in new regalia. Included are two members of his dance troupe who accompanied him this year. There are also images taken in an outdoor studio at night using only fire to light the subjects.
Gallery 1 A grouping of images mostly from 2001. These are from performances during the Trade Days Festival, some promotional photos on White Top Mountain in Southwest Virginia along with one or two from Mexico.

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Trade Days Festival This is the entry portal for the annual Trade Days Festival where Javier has appeared since 1995. There are a number of photographs of Javier on these pages.
Earthdancer Home This link will take you to the Photo Gallery Directory on Earthdancer Home which contain several images of Javier.
Papantla Flyers The Papantla Flyers are from Vera Cruz, Mexico and perform a 1,000-year-old Aztec spiritual ritual.


   Reprints of images are available. A pricing and order page will be online in the near future. Until then, e-mail Bill for information, print sizes, etc. at :