Ambassador of pre-Hispanic Culture


   Javier Alarcon was born and raised in Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico, the sixth son of an honorable and traditional family deeply rooted in the pre-Hispanic Culture. He travels, sharing his traditions, knowledge and understanding throughout parts of the world.

   His magnificent dances are magnified by the richly adorned regalia designed and created by Javier.

   Based in Cancun, Mexico, Javier has performed for uncounted audiences including the Opening Ceremony for the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta and Expoferia in Japan. Javier is truly an ambassador of the world.

   This site has been designed and expanded to showcase and share the artistry, talents, knowledge and spirit of a truly rare individual. An individual who walks hand-in-hand with the Creator every moment of his life. An individual who freely shares the richness of that life and its expansive and oft-times misunderstood culture.

   Navigation throughout the site is easily accomplished with the text button links on the left side of each page and text links below which mirror the buttons. Please note that Javier is not directly connected to the Internet, therefore, e-mail is forwarded to him either by phone, postal mail or hand delivered. Do not expect a reply from him immediately. However, be assured, your mail does reach him. -bill