Music and Dances



   The music of the Mayas is pentatonic (five tones); the instruments that are used have more rhythm than harmony and it is very connected to the singing and dancing. The instruments that are used for the achievement of this music are wind and percussion instruments; the first ones like the ocarinas and the flutes; the percussion we have azcatlan, some kind of big drum and the tumkul made of zapote tree with two tongues in the upper part, and other instruments like the bells, scorchers, sea shells, Sonjas, dry fruits, among others.


   The dances for the Mayas and other cultures, where united by the time that was a direct influence directly in their destiny, every feast that started with abstinence, especially the arrival of the New Year.


   With the proposal of worship and thanks this forces that govern us; the day, the night, the good, the evil, the opposite where the movement is created.


    The Quetzal, bird that is found in the Mayan area, the name of the serpent, according to each region, for this in the anticline having this symbol represents feathered serpent the name of the serpent, according to each region, for this in the anticline was QUETZAL COATL and for the Mayan region was QUETZAL CAAM.

  • COATL: means serpent in Nahuatl
  • CAAM: means serpent in Maya Quiche
  • QUETZAL: means bird with beautiful feathers, that you can only find in the southeast of the Mexican Republic, in the Maya region.
  • QUETZAL CAN: bird man serpent or feathered serpent for the Mayan Yucateco, in which “CAN” also means “Teacher”, the superior man, psychologically and physically, him.
  • “HALACH HUINIC”: sacred name of the esoteric of the Mayas Itzáes.

   The Mayan priests shared one conscience in which he that believes created and does reason that gives more emphasis to Chac, deity of the rain and everything that is related to it, like the thunder and the lightning.

   With this deity, KUKULCAN (feathered serpent) relates what they want for the material and spiritual world, also the symbol of wisdom and at the same time the symbol for our mother earth, it associates with the lady of Itzamna called Ixchel, this was the goddess of medicine and fertility, believing that she lived in lakes, ponds and cenotes.

   The purpose of exposing this using the music, the singing and dance, shows the origin of an inheritance that marks the interest of the foreign countries.


   Counts with a procession ceremony, in which the main (Bird man Serpent), has a indumentary that looks like a serpent; its composed by a choreography that marks the movement, in this pad its accompanied by musicians, dancers and women dedicated to the cult (giving “copal” tree resin that with the contact of heat throws aromatic hums).

   The purpose of the ceremony mentioned is to make the visitors participate and to find the origin of the name of the dance. The choreography performed by the dancers and visitors will begin holding hands and together they create a zigzag movement, letting the energy run, to connect the movement and with it make the karakul figure (symbol of fertility and everything that inspires to spirituality) the duration of this ceremony will depend upon the conditions.

QUETZAL DANCES (Birds of beautiful plumage)

   It’s made between two or more dancers that represent the colorful and grandiosity or towns like the mayor rank that connect us to the divine.

DANCE TO CHAC (Deity of the rain and all that relates to it)

   Dances which represent it with costumes shows fertility and prosperity that this deity gives: Kukulkan is integrated and represents the symbols of earth in which receives the rain to create a new life.


   Seventh symbol of the solar Aztec calendar and symbol of the Mayan wheel of time.
It was given the good spirit and the communion with men.


   Light up the fire in your heart to give light to the mysteries of darkness.

DANCE OF THE SYMBOL (Eagle and the Serpent)

   It’s the representation of the national symbol of Mexico, in which the eagle represents the sun that rises and the serpent the cosmic energy. Attributes to the defense of human dignity painting his face for its flourished war to capture add the terrible enemy, the inner beast to die to be born again and to trained the same scene and the transformation of a real man.
   The experience I offer throughout the years has allowed me to know my decisions and take advantage of the human behavior.

   The human being is this times is more conceit of its acts and decided to compete in the nature care, therefore he has to realize that it exists and is a part of it.

   Not only the music moves the human but also the ecological scenery where it stands, every individual has hunger of peace, to live in harmony, to listen to the silence to (meditate), to dance and sing.

   My purpose is to represent our culture, it is to give the new generations of our towns the knowledge of the great symbols, so they know how to call them by the right name, so they can develop with psycho and physic strength of our ancestors let them know we exist, we think and we have our own ideas therefor our own face within a very ancient knowledge.