I was born in Acapulco, Guerrero; the sixth son of an honorable and traditional family, with a strong basis in their own convictions, with family roots firmly of the indigenous world which awakens in me interest in the Mexican art.

   My career started when I was an integrand of the festival of the Mexican Folklore of the convention Center in Acapulco directed by the prestigious Mr. Eduardo Rivera, known as an ambassador of our folklore. I get my first acknowledgment for my performance of the 1,500 non-interrupted representations of the Aztec Ballet (1976-1980). This allowed me to open my knowledge and to re-enforce my convictions to incline with more strength to the essence of our ancestors THE PRE-HISPANIC DANCE.

   I left the group to initiate in the Agropecuary School in the state of Oaxacs, in which I collaborated as a dance teacher in the community of Pinotepa nacional, finishing this way my social services (1980-1983).

   In the year 1983, I came to the city of Cancun, Quintana Roo, where I was to have great surprises and satisfactions, like combining with my brother, Carlos Learn Mújica, in the folkloric ballet and pre-Hispanic “THE RAISING SUN,” with ten other performers. I was in charge of the folkloric and pre-Hispanic choreography's, having presentations in Hotels like the Hyatt Regency, Aristos, and restaurants such as the Mauna Loa and the Convention Center (1983).

   An idea was born in me to form and direct my own dance company, which I organized with 12 people. We worked exclusively for the restaurant “EL CAMPANARIO” (Sandro Muller - owner), with great satisfaction, showing of our traditions from 1983 to 1988.

   The commercial projection that was taking place in Cancun in 1986-87, allows me to compete in the gastronomic commercial area, appearing in the magazine “Cancun Gourmet.”

   The Miss Universe contest held in Cancun in 1989, in which all choreographers and dancers wanted to participate; I was privileged to assist with the Music.

   In 1992, the Mardi Gras Committee of the city of Mazatlan, Sinaloa, hired me to perform and direct the representation of the 500 years prior to the discovery of America. This event gave me the opportunity to direct the Company of pre-Hispanic Dance made up of 30 people in the Plaza Maya (Mr. Soto Hernandez - owner), with the idea of expanding the tourist market in this city.

   All of this prior experience allowed me to open doors in foreign countries including the United States, Canada and Japan, representing our pre-Hispanic history in many cultural exchange events. I gained great personal satisfaction, bringing home first place awards in dance competitions in the Festival of Natives of North America (1990 - forward).